Advantages of Vaping CBD and Cannabis Compared to Smoking

Vaping CBD eLiquids elevates the level of absorption so the effects can be felt much quicker. Interest in vaping eLiquids has peaked recently and it is no wonder that it continues to increase. Initially, eLiquids were created as a healthier form of smoking cannabis; vapes were then created for tobacco smokers too, as an aid to stop them from smoking. With so many CBD eLiquids available now, there are a wide range of options for consumers. Some of the top brands include the Volcano, The Pax, Da Buddha and The Firefly. Here is some more information about the differences between vaping CBD oil compared to smoking.

Advantages of Vaping CBD and Cannabis Compared to Smoking

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to vaping instead of smoking cannabis, here are the most prominent ones to take note of.

First of all, it is important to acknowledge the health effects of vaping compared to smoking. It’s no secret that smoking cannabis comes with a number of respiratory problems due to the toxic fumes caused by burning marijuana. Vaping is much less harmful to your body as it is 95% smoke free; smoke is the main cause of lung cancer so the risks are much lower with vaping.

Vaping gases also only contain a very small percentage of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs. These are associated with causing cancer; when smoking 88% of the combusted smoke gases are made up of non-cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are also highly combustible so the trichomes are destroyed when a user smokes cannabis. This means that they do not always get the benefits of the plant.

More About Vaping CBD Flower

Vaping CBD flower is one of the most effective ways to consume cannabis and CBD. This is because it can be absorbed into the system much more Quickly and effectively than through oral consumption. Smoking flower is possible using a traditional vapour and is a very popular option for consuming CBD across Europe. In the United Kingdom and vaping CBD flower is illegal, which is why many people use alternatives such as CBD eLiquids. Here are a few reasons why raping CBD flower with a traditional way is a very good option.

First of all vaped cannabis is instantly absorbed by the lungs. When it is consumed aurally it offers poor bioavailability as the CBD has to pass through the digestive system. Whilst going through the digestive system enzymes in the liver break down the compounds, which means only a small portion of cannabis is passed into the bloodstream. Raping is much more affective as the gases are absorbed directly through the lungs. This provides a much larger surface area for absorption so CBD or cannabis can enter the bloodstream more quickly.

When you vape CBD or cannabis you can consume large amounts very quickly. ELiquids offer a very high concentration of CBD compared to other oral products. Not only is it more effective to vape a CBD eLiquid, but it is also much easier to feel the effects in this way.

Until 2019 there were no reported cases when it comes to the safety of vaping cannabis. Although a woman was reported to have died of a THC overdose the evidence was inconclusive. What’s important is vaping CBD oils and products that are high quality, rather than seeking our cheaper, black market products.

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