Aussie seed bank is a distributor of high quality medical and non-medical marijuana seeds based in Australia. We are available 24/7 to ship goods to any country across the globe, though of course buyers are advised to be aware of all local laws concerning these substances.

We are Australia’s most Legit Seed Bank with the most discrete shipping method for customers with privacy needs. We’re dedicated to preserving and storing cannabis and marijuana seeds for future generations. Our worldwide shipping ability, along with the incredible variety of strains that we offer, help to propel Aussie seed bank to the top of the list when considering the best online Seed Bank Reviews.

  • Reputation and History Review

Aussie seed bank is a highly respectable international company with a professional demeanor and desire to bring the best possible seeds to our customers! We do everything we can to ensure that the strains we offer are the best quality, we offer a good value, and make sure that our customers are satisfied. We offer unbeatable guarantees on delivery and quality that boosts the confidence of our buyers.

  • Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are top-notch and easy to get in touch with. They are professional, friendly and always genuinely ready to help solve customers problems.

  • Website Usability

Our website is highly user-friendly, and has an attractive design. Our products are organized in a way, easy to follow and identify your specific needs. Our search function is one of the best as it helps you to find best selling strains, top rated strains, and strains from certain breeders. Our dynamic platform makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. It helps you locate the exact seeds that fits your needs perfectly well, even the ones you may never had heard of!

  • Price and Payment Methods

At Aussie, we offer a wide variety of payment methods to help you have seemless seed purchase, which includes: by Cash, by Bank payment, Credit Cards, eCash, and Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is the most recommended currency for online seed buyers, it is anonymous and has very low fees.

  • Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Aussie seed bank offers multiple options for safe shipping and delivery of your goods, a feature that is becoming increasingly very important in 2020. Our standard procedure is to ship you the seeds you’ve ordered in the box as packaged by the particular breeder the seeds came from, unless you request otherwise.

If you want a little extra insurance, Guaranteed Delivery Insurance can be purchased for just a little cost. With this service, Aussie will resend your order at no charge as many times as it takes to get it to you.

Order online now with our no-worries 100% guaranteed delivery!

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