Slurricane by Glo Extracts Product Review

The Slurricane cartridge by Glo Extracts is one of the best CARTS I’ve seen.  This cartridge is just so awesome with strong THC inside.  I was impressed with the packaging and how nice and how secure it was.  Be sure to always scan the QR code to make sure your GLO is authentic.

When I scanned the QR code (GLOTRACK), the Glo Extracts website came up and took me to a page that notified me my carts are real.  It was amazing to be able to see the lab results and batch number before ever opening the box. Every cibbox comes with its own QR code where you can see the lab results.

I was impressed by how this cartridge tasted right off the bat.  It was super citrusy and almost tasted like you were having a citrus smoothie of some sort.  I was not exactly sure what to expect with this flavor but it really kept me wanting more.  I almost had to control myself from having too much because the flavor was so good.  Highly recommended.

The biggest thing that I enjoyed about the cartridge was just the overall feeling that it gave me.  I’m a big fan of cartridges that just make you feel good and don’t get you too high and this flavor was exactly what I was looking for.  The high was extremely relaxing and really helps me to wind down after a day of work. The first time I tried this cartridge it was like magic, a peace of mind just took over my body and it was like nothing bad had happened at work.

 The cartridge tasted like citrus from start to finish and there might have even been a bit of vanilla in it.  To me, these were all refreshing flavors put in the cartridge to make sure that the kick would be avoided and your lungs would be enjoying it.

I really appreciate everything that Glo Extracts is doing in the community with helping the cannabis industry.  They have been extremely transparent about their products and process and it is great to see a company engaging with their customers like this especially in the Cannabis Industry.  It is really assuring that there is a QR code on every box that you can scan and it will automatically let you know if your carts are real or not. The verification page with the lab results that tells you exactly every ingredient that is in it and helps to understand everything that you are putting into your body.

Go to the website to see more information:

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