Glo Extracts Verification Process (GLOTRACK) Glo Extracts Review

GloTrack by Glo Extracts has been leading the pack in how they are authenticating their cartridges.  The commitment to the customer and the commitment to their safety is what makes Glo extracts stand out against other cannabis companies.  The first way to ensure that it is authentic is by testing out the packaging to see if it is brittle or if it is strong and dense.  Next, there should be a QR code on the packaging.

The QR code verification on the Glo packaging is what they call the GLOTRACK.  Scanning the QR code on the packaging is the best way to ensure that the cartridge is real.  The QR code can be scanned up to 10 times PER the 10 cartridges inside so use your scans wisely.

After you scan the QR code it will take you to a green verification page if the cartridge is authentic.  If it is not authentic then it will take you to a red page.  Glo Extracts is always testing out its cartridges to ensure that they are authentic so the customer is getting the highest quality product.

The Glotrack eliminates all of your worries about if the product you are getting is safe or not.  It is nice to not get paranoid about safety because Glo Extracts is taking steps to be transparent with their customers.  The lab tests show how Glo Extracts is committed to customer safety with their products out on the market.  The individual lab results pages and the mood boards show that Glo knows exactly what the customer wants to know before purchasing a cartridge.

There are so many different cartridges out on the market and it is hard to know what the exact best option is for you.  Luckily, Glo Extracts provides charts called mood boards, which will show you exactly how you are going to feel after smoking the cartridge.  Inside of the box, every flavor is different with individual lab results for each cartridge.  There is also a gold seal on the packaging that also shows that it is authentic.

Glo Extracts is going the extra mile to ensure authenticity and bring that transparency to their customers.  Health and safety in the cannabis industry are extremely important, and Glo understands that they need to take these steps in order to make their customers feel safe and cared for.  Glo has really put time into this as they have tested every single cartridge and posted lab results online for those specific cartridges.  Practices like this should be normalized and popular within the cannabis industry.

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