Microdosing CBD

Microdosing is a real hit and its popularity is growing worldwide. A simple search on Google Trends shows that the popularity has increased more than a hundredfold in the past ten years. But while most microdosing searches focus on agents such as LSD, Magic Mushrooms or Truffles, many people do not know that you can also achieve some beneficial effects from microdosing CBD. But how does that actually work, microdosing CBD?

Microdosing CBD

If you’ve ever had insomnia, are anxious, have chronic pain or have been diagnosed with a host of other ailments, chances are you’ve ever read somewhere that CBD could help. But how exactly does it work, how much should you take and perhaps more importantly: which type of CBD is the most beneficial ? After all, you have numerous CBD variants !

First of all: what is CBD? Cannabidiol, often abbreviated as CBD, is an extract of hemp plants that has stormed the health and beauty world in recent years. Various studies suggest that because of its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, it may support individuals suffering from addictions, Alzheimer’s, concussions, fibromyalgia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders and many other conditions.

Which CBD variant do you choose?

Unfortunately, however, no miracle pill can solve all these problems for you. Because CBD does not come in one form, but is available in many different forms. Now it turns out that microdosing CBD is also a good option, and it is therefore important to hit exactly the sweet spot when it comes to the dose of your CBD to achieve the best effects. You’re actually looking for the minimum dose that will still ease your symptoms. But how do you like it? In any case by starting with a low dose and building from there.

Medical cannabis expert Eileen Konieczny recommends in her book ‘Curing with CBD’ start with a 10mg microdose, or even divide it into two or three doses over the course of a day. After a few days or a week at this level, you can gradually increase the dose by five to ten milligrams at a time, the expert says. She is one of the many people who recommend microdosing CBD. One of her tips is to keep notes on your symptoms in a diary, as well as the dose taken.
One of the challenges in finding the right dose is knowing exactly how much CBD is in the product you bought and how much is in each dose of that product. Our advice: go for a CBD tincture if you want to microdose CBD . These tinctures are perfect for microdosing, because they allow you to slowly increase your dose in a way that edible CBD and capsules hardly offer.

Find the right dosage

So how does that microdosing CBD actually work? To get started, look at the product label for the total milligrams (mg) of CBD in the container and per dose in the table on the package. It is important not to confuse your units: milliliters (ml) measure the volume of a liquid, while milligrams tell you the weight of the extract dissolved in the liquid of the tincture.

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When microdosing CBD, you are looking for the desired effect with the lowest possible dose. At this dose you start to feel the benefit, but you will hardly notice any side effects. Now CBD generally has almost no side effects, but this varies per person. It is important to take the time to find the perfect dose that works for your body. By keeping a close eye on the effects of a certain dose, you can keep up to date with any physical changes and also know exactly when to increase or decrease the dose.

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