Merlot OG by Glo Extracts Product Review 2020

The Merlot OG cartridge by Glo Extracts is absolutely fire.  This cartridge put me on the ground forever and it just put me in such a good mood.  It is extremely earthy and helps me to relax when I need to.  It’s a strong cartridge and you do not need to smoke much of it to really start to feel it.  The brand new packaging from Glo Extracts looks excellent and is plenty sturdy to leave no room for air to seep through.

The brand new packaging was the first thing that I noticed when I got it in my hands.  It looks phenomenal with the gold and black colors.  There is a darker gold seal on the brand new packaging that verifies that it is made by Glo Extracts in the USA.  There is also the Glotrack which is a QR code on the packaging that will show you lab results from the cartridge.

Scanning the QR code from your phone will redirect you to the Glo Extracts website in the lab results section for the Merlot OG cartridge.  You are able to see these lab results before you purchase the cartridge to ensure the safety of what you are getting.  On the Glo Extracts website, you are able to see over 200 lab results for every product that Glo Extracts sells.

Another thing that Glo Extracts does is put mood boards on every page for their products.  The mood board is a chart showing how you will feel during and after you use the product.  With Glo Extracts offering a lot of products, it is great to have a reference point for how each one of their cartridges will make you feel.  With mood boards being on the website, you can make purchasing decisions based on how you want to feel.

I loved this cartridge from the minute that I took my first hit of it.  The taste is the first thing that made me fall in love with this cartridge.  It almost tasted like a really smooth and sweet sort of wine.  The taste of cartridges is extremely important to me and Glo Extracts really does it right with making their cartridges taste so good.  It was so refreshing to have a cartridge taste so sweet like this.

The high that the cartridge gave me was just as good as the taste.  The taste of the cartridge truly complemented the high that it gives you.  The high is like a relaxing night of drinking wine, hence the taste.  All you want to do after smoking this cartridge is just sit around and relax.  The relaxation that Merlot OG gives you will put you into a daze and make you feel at peace with everything going on around you.  This high makes your stress go way down and gives you freedom in your mind to think about other things.  The taste of the cartridge combined with the feeling it gives is what makes Merlot OG and absolute staple from Glo Extracts.

Glo Extracts has always been prevalent in customer service and dedication to transparency and safety.  Glo Extracts has taken extra steps to protect its customers with their various ways of authentication including the Glotrack QR code.

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