Glotrack Review

Glo Packaging

Glo Extracts leads the way in the verification process by using their specialized method (GLOTRACK)

Glo Extracts is keeping their customers safe, and here’s how!

The Products

The verification process is one of the many reasons to use Glo Extracts products.  Glo products are known for their great high and flavor, but they’re also known for keeping the cannabis industry safe with their transparency and quality.  Glo Extracts provides lab results for each one of their cartridges so you know the exact product that you are using.  This transparency displayed from Glo Extracts shows why they are regarded as leaders of verification in the cannabis industry.  

How To Stay Safe

Glo Extracts has been engaging with those in the cannabis industry to understand their concerns and find the best way to keep people safe.  When looking for a cannabis product, it is important to pick a company that is well known and can help you with all of the things that you want.  By having the Glotrack verification process, Glo Extracts is showing that they can give transparency to their customers while still providing great products.  They also put the gold seal on the product packaging so that you know it is authentic from Glo Extracts and comes straight from the lab.


The Glotrack verification process is one of the many reasons that Glo Extracts is highly respected in the cannabis industry.  The transparency and the accuracy of the product is unmatched and really shows how cannabis companies should operate.  The other cannabis companies in the industry need to take note of what Glo Extracts is doing and adopt some of these verification processes and mood boards set on the website.  

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