White Cookies by Glo Extracts Product Review

White Cookies

White Cookies by Glo Extracts is a new strain that is being talked about by people in the cannabis community because of its delicious taste.  Not only is the flavor of white cookies excellent, but it gives you an insanely fun and smooth high.  First impressions are everything in the cannabis industry and Glo Extracts hits the nail on the head with everything that they have to offer.  With the extremely dense packaging combined with the taste and the high that yu get, White Cookies is a strain that you simply can’t go wrong with.

What About The Packaging?

The packaging on the White Cookies cartridge from Glo Extracts is every bit as good as the flavor and the high that it gives you.  The packaging of White Cookies is the first thing that you notice because of the brand new black and gold design that it has.  Another thing that the packaging has on it is the verification stickers.  The first one is the one signaling it was made in the USA, and the second is the QR code for the Glotrack verification process.  

The Glotrack verification process happens by you scanning the QR code and it taking you to the Glo Product Review website where you can see the lab results for whatever cartridge that you’re using.  Another thing that you’ll be able to see on the Glo Extracts website is mood boards that can show you reported affects of how people feel after using the product.  

Flavor And Taste

The flavor of White Cookies is exactly how it sounds.  It is very sweet and it almost seems like a treat because of how good it tastes.  Because it tastes so good, it’s going to have you coming back for more and give you an insanely good high.

Glo Extracts has been doing a great job in the cannabis community by keeping everyone safe and taking steps to ensure ultimate verification.

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