Vanilla Waferz by Glo Extracts Product Review

Vanilla Waferz

Vanilla Waferz by Glo Extracts is an excellent tasting cartridge that is packed with all kinds of other benefits for you.  Obviously the high is the most important thing that you get from a cannabis product, however, you won’t want to use the product if it does not taste good.  Glo Extracts is not only an ally of the cannabis industry working hard to keep their customers safe, but they also host an excellent range of products that are both diverse and of the utmost quality.  When looking to see if a cannabis company should be trusted, the first thing that you should really study would be the packaging of the product.  Vanilla Waferz is certainly bound to dazzle you.

The Packaging

Packaging is extremely important when evaluating different products on the cannabis market and legitimizing them.  The packaging of Vanilla Waferz from Glo Extracts is extremely dense and reliable.  You will notice that it would be very hard to accidentally mess up the packaging.  The next important thing is the gold seal on it, certifying that it was made in the USA.  Next up, the GloTrack QR code.  The GloTrack QR code is a scanable QR code that once scanned, directs you to the Glo Extracts website where you can see the lab results specific to the cartridge that you scanned.

Another great tool that you can use on the Glo Product Review website is the mood boards that they provide.  The mood boards can guide you when deciding what you want to purchase because it displays reported effects after using the product.  


What is there that you can’t say about Vanilla Waferz as a flavor?  It’s an excellent favor and definitely fits in the category of products that you will keep wanting to go back to.  The flavor alone is enough to get you to purchase if you took out all the other elements.  

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