How Much THC And CBD Are You Looking For?


The Sativa strain contains a higher THC to CBD ratio, while the Indica strain contains a higher CBD to THC level. The hybrid strain has a varying THC to CBD ratio based on the strains used to produce it.

For example, if you used a Sativa to Indica combination with more Sativa effects, it is more likely that the hybrid strain will have a higher THC to CBD ratio and vice versa. In other cases, you may find a hybrid strain with a balanced THC to CBD ratio – again based on the parent plant combination.

Different types of strains have varying cannabinoid ratios. However, to understand these concepts, you must first know what we mean when we talk about cannabinoids. The cannabis plant incorporates dozens of chemical compounds. Of the nearly 500 compounds, only about 66 are known as cannabinoids.

Medicinal marijuanas nsw is suitable for treating a range of medical conditions, according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Article Source : indica vs sativa

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