M ROSENFELD Excellent Hookah Kit. Complete set of hookah accessories

M ROSENFELD presents to your attention magnificent hookah kit

Tobacco smoking has always been a sought-after and unique form of pleasure. People were looking for more and more ways to improve and diversify this process, and of course, smoking reached a new level when the hookah was invented.

Of course, like any other thing, it must be chosen wisely and do not try to save money by looking for cheaper options, because this is a really complex and well-thought-out mechanism that can harm you and your health if not designed correctly.

The essence of this device is that from the very top, due to the heat generated by coal, tobacco begins to produce smoke, which descends the shaft down to the flask and in this way undergoes a cooling process, becoming safe and suitable for inhalation into the lungs. Incorrectly calculated sizes and shapes of hookah components will lead to its poor performance and the danger of getting burned by hot tobacco smoke.

But selecting the right device is only half the battle. You must know not only the assembly rules, but also how to avoid trouble when refueling it with fuel, which is coal.

M ROSENFELD also produces the best smoking charcoal. There is no question of any chemical additives and substitutes. For a fantastic smoking session, only high-quality and natural products are needed. You can always find and buy them right here.

This hookah set is unique and perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, New Year’s Eve, a casual bar get-together, a romantic evening or even a hike in the woods – this hookah kit combo is versatile for any kind of pastime and vacation.

The glass stem kit hookah by M ROSENFELD has a small size, this feature makes it very convenient to move to any place you require. Therefore, such a device is one of the few that is ideal for any kind of hiking in nature.


You are immediately provided with all the necessary components to assemble the hookah complete set, so you do not have to look for additional parts and buy them. This list includes:

glass vase white clay bowl diffuser tongs mouthpiece hose made of silicon stem

There is everything you need to assemble a perfectly functioning hookah.

All the materials in this kit are perfectly matched, because not a single important function has been lost and everything works as fully as in any other high-quality hookah. All glass is shatterproof, and all metal is stainless steel. None of the elements can deteriorate naturally and perfectly withstands the temperature and other conditions that smoking provides.

By purchasing this particular device, you can not worry about anything and enjoy smoking carelessly, as it should be. If you know how to properly assemble such a mechanism, and how to properly select tobacco and coal, then all you will do is get immeasurable pleasure. And the assembling of it is very easy, so that even a person who has never faced such a task will be able to assemble the hookah set easily and without hindrance.


Being engaged in a business that you like, you must know all its subtleties in order to understand the importance of individual aspects, especially if non-compliance with the rules and regulations can threaten your health. M ROSENFELD has been serving as your guide and advisor in the world of hookah smoking for a long time. Only the best and high-quality accessories will be presented for you here, because the main goal is to achieve a real and amazing effect so that you can use all the products with pleasure. There is always the best for you here, so you are sure to find what you need.

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