Why Choose Callie’s for your Denver Dispensary?

Callie’s takes pride in ensuring our products are the best, and our budtenders provide excellent, knowledgeable service each time you enter the door. Callie’s also has three convenient locations to choose from.

For those that are looking for the top strains on the market in your Denver Dispensary, they have their own grow. In their grow, Callie’s identifies new strains for their customers to enjoy. All of these plants are grown to their fullest potential. These strains are also only available at Callie’s locations. So when you find a winner at your favorite Callie’s, you won’t be finding it anywhere else! So make sure to stock up!

When it comes to concentrates, Callie’s finds the best in the market and brings them to you. Callie’s also has partnerships with local companies to turn their top grown plants into the best concentrates in Denver. What else would you want from the best Denver Dispensary! Concentrates available include wax, hash, kief, and oils for you to enjoy. You’ll find the top vendors available such as Chronic Creations and Eureka!

What do you want more? Callie’s has more for you! Are you looking for the top edibles from your Denver Dispensary? Callie’s has all the top brands to choose from, including local legend Incredibles! It’s not just chocolates, though. You will find an excellent mix of gummies, tablets, cookies, and more. Just check out the menu at the location closest to you for all the updated options.

On the go and need prerolls out of your Denver Dispensary? Don’t worry. Callie’s has an excellent line of infused and standard preroll options. The options include preroll blunts and caviar prerolls! These joints will make sure you are heading into space before you know it. They also come in .5 and 1 gram options, which is excellent when you are looking to share with friends.

Callie’s has them with a mix of strains and strengths with all of the products. You’ll find that many people enjoy an edible in an Indica or a preroll with a Sativa. At Callie’s, you have all of the options you would desire right at your fingertips. And if you are lost, don’t worry about it! The helpful budtenders at Callie’s will make sure to point you in the right direction.

Speaking of Callie’s locations, they have three different options to choose from. The first is, of course, your Denver dispensary, and is located at 777 Canosa Court, Denver, CO 80204. Next is Northglenn 920 W. 104th Avenue Northglenn, CO 80234 303-379-9526 and finally, the latest location which was named the best new dispensary by WestWorld RiNo 3054 Larimer Street Denver, CO 80205 303.297.2273.

We know there are a lot of dispensaries in Colorado! There are actually more dispensaries than Starbucks or Mcdonald’s! Don’t worry about the many just focus on the best and the best is Callie’s at each and every one of their locations!

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